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Monday, April 6, 2015

Gorman Fort Banks PTO
Meeting Agenda for April 8th, 2015

  • Welcome
    • Introduction of Board
    • Co Presidents: Kristen Buonopane and Christa Shea
    • Co Vice Presidents: Mariana Babine and Jennifer Gorman
    • Co Secretaries: Lauren Capasso and Crystal DeMayo
    • Co Treasurers: Reena Cash and Gillian Teixeira
    • According to our PTO Handbook: If any member of the PTO would like to have an item added to the agenda, they can submit a written request to the secretary at least seven (7) days before a meeting.
  • Principal’s Report (Mrs. Pearson/Mrs. Grimes)
  • Treasurer’s Report (Gillian Teixeira/Reena Cash)
    • Summary Report of Disbursements and Balance
    • Scholastic Book Fair deposit
  • Volunteer Update (Mariana Babine)
    • Loop (Sarah Pettee/Reena Cash)
    • School Volunteers: please contact Mariana at:
  • Review of Recent Events (Kristen Buonopane)
    • Math Game Night
  • Upcoming Events (Lauren Capasso/Doreen Araujo/Kristen Buonopane)
    • Spring Dance (4/10/15)
    • Family Movie Night: Big Hero 6 (5/1/15)
    • Teacher Appreciation Week (5/4-5/8/15); Luncheon (5/8/15)
    • Ice Cream Social (6/12/15)
  • Third Grade Field Day (Kristen Buonopane)
    • Slush:  VOTE budget
    • Gorman Fort Banks water bottles:  VOTE budget
    • Class color assignment and coordination by Room Parents
    • Allocate funds for t-shirts and slush for 2016 Field Days
  • Additional End of Year Expenses
    • K/pre-K butterflies
    • First grade tadpoles
    • High school scholarship donation
  • Open Board Positions
    • (1) Co-President position, two-year term, 2015-17
    • (1) Co-Treasurer position, two-year term, 2015-17
    • Vote will take place at June meeting
  • Affiliate Programs (Doreen Araujo)
    • Box Tops
    • Labels for Education/Target/Stop & Shop A+ Rewards
  • Open Forum

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gorman Fort Banks PTO 

Meeting Minutes for March 11, 2015

Principal's report (Mrs. Pearson)

 Thanked the PTO for money from Target check of $565.11

 Poster maker is very well received 

 Community Readers was a success, but challenging to get people in here that 

are meaningful to the students. Spoke with Mrs. Babine about what we can 

 Thanking PTO for the willingness for breakfast. 

 Breakfast information will be given at MCAS info night, and it has been talked 

about with the 3rd grade teachers/students. 

 Parent night is March 19th 6:30-7:30 for MCAS information. 

 Students entering tardy will not be able to go to their class. 

 Student surprise scheduled for 3rd grade students only 

 No volunteers for 3rd grade day of MCAS. 

 No volunteers in the 3rd grade hallways during MCAS 

 There will be hallway/bathroom monitors

Field day-Where “game day” for 1st grade is earlier this year, 1st grade will have game 

day, 2nd grade will have tournament day, and 3rd grade will have actual field day. 

Asking PTO to have some sort gift (t-shirt, hat, bag) to 3rd grade. Parents attending 

3rd grade only because they will be exiting the school. 

(concerns about another field day for 3rd grade. Issue being that next year there will 

be two grades moving on. Do we have two field days?) Mrs. Pearson is leaving it up 

to the PTO and parents. She is happy to let the PTO come up with an alternative. The 

things that are the most exciting to students are those to do with food, or something 

Proposed 2015-2016 calendar has not been given to administration yet, so no date 

for Kindergarten social can be planned yet. 

Treasurer Report (Gillian Teixeira) 

 Paid out the February Enrichment “Mad About Math” 

 Made a large deposit for the calendar raffle, but still need to pay the last 

enrichment and the calendar raffle winner payments. 

 Classroom grant fund- only 3 teachers approached the PTO, but a reminder 

was sent out, and the date was extended to April 15th.

Volunteer Update (Reena Cash) 

Still need loop volunteers for Mondays and Wednesdays 

Fundraiser (Kristen Buonopane) 

Calendar Raffle update-Very successful, looking at little over $9000 after everything 

is paid out. Tablet winner was pulled and delivered to the winner. Sending 10 

calendars home per student made things better. 

Review of Recent Events (Kristen Buonopane/Christa Shea) 

 Scholastic Book Fair: no official breakdown, but we sold around $10,000. We 

get 60% of sales in scholastic dollars. 

 Literacy night-6th year doing literacy night. About 103 students 

 Issues were that the café was a little more congested than the gym, mainly 

because the younger students were in the café, and needed more help. 

 Next year we need to work on stressing that they need to wait to switch 

 Family Skate Party-great turn out, 75-90 people. We had a few raffles. 

Upcoming Events (Kristen Buonopane/Doreen Araujo)

 Math Night- March 26th, flyers went home today. You do need to re-register 

for the new date.  Need volunteers. 

 MCAS Breakfast (03/31 & 04/01)-This will be served separate from the 

traditional breakfast.  Bagels, muffins, fruit and milk will be served for free 

for all 3rd graders from 7:30-8:00. Will need a few volunteers for the 

breakfast, as well as a few extra volunteers for the loop those days. 

 Proposed budget of $400 for the breakfast to cover both days was voted on 

 6pm-7:30pm. Flyer will go out next week. 

 DJ is booked and will have a few games to run with the 


 Nick’s Place is donating 3 trays of pizza. 

 $5 for admission per child, which will include a drink and glow 

 Pizza will be sold by the slice

 Need to order glow sticks

 Need to work on organizing an activity, waiting on Winthrop 

School of Performing Arts to maybe donate the time of an 

instructor to run activities.

 Open to families, and the dance will be causal dress. 

 Teacher Appreciation Luncheon: Looking at Friday May 8th, proposed budget 

of $750 was voted on and approved. 

 Ice Cream Social- discussed potential date of June 12th, 6pm-8pm. 

 Another movie night was discussed. Possible date of June 5th depending on 

movie company. Would play Big Hero 6. 

Affiliate programs (Doreen Araujo)

 Boxtops submitted 03/14/15 for around $450

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gorman Fort Banks PTO
Meeting Agenda for March 11, 2015

  • Welcome
    • Introduction of Board
    • Co Presidents: Kristen Buonopane and Christa Shea
    • Co Vice Presidents: Mariana Babine and Jennifer Gorman
    • Co Secretaries: Lauren Capasso and Crystal DeMayo
    • Co Treasurers: Reena Cash and Gillian Teixeira
    • According to our PTO Handbook: If any member of the PTO would like to have an item added to the agenda, they can submit a written request to the secretary at least seven (7) days before a meeting.
  • Principal’s Report (Mrs. Pearson/Mrs. Grimes)
  • Treasurer Report (Gillian Teixeira/Reena Cash)
    • Summary Report of Disbursements and Balance
    • Classroom Grant Fund:  extended through April 15th
  • Volunteer Update (Mariana Babine)
    • Loop (Sarah Pettee/Reena Cash)
    • School Volunteers: please contact Mariana at:
  • Fundraiser (Christa Shea/Kristen Buonopane)
    • Calendar Raffle update
  • Review of Recent Events (Christa Shea/Kristen Buonopane/Mariana Babine/Dawn Hurley)
    • Community Reader Day
    • Scholastic Book Fair: approximate sales; PTO donated $25 Scholastic Dollars to all staff
    • Literacy Night
    • Family Skate Party
  • Upcoming Events (Kristen Buonopane/Lauren Capasso/Doreen Araujo)
    • Math Game Night (3/26/15)
    • MCAS Breakfasts (3/31, 4/1/15):  VOTE for budget
    • Dance (4/10/15)
    • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon:  VOTE for budget
    • Field Day
    • Ice Cream Social: discuss potential dates
    • Suggestions for other events for remainder of this school year
  • Affiliate programs (Doreen Araujo)
    • Box Tops: submitted 3/4/15
    • Labels for Education/Target/Stop & Shop A+ Rewards
  • Open Forum

Friday, February 27, 2015

GFB PTO Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2015

• Principal’s Report (Mrs. Grimes)

 New MCAS/ELA date are 3/31 and 4/1. Parent MCAS info night to be held on

3/19 from 6:30-7:30 in the multipurpose room. Pre-K screenings are scheduled

for 3/30, 3/31 and 4/1. Kindergarten registration will be 4/7, 4/8, 4/9. Judy will

have packets on 3/9. There will be an unannounced lockdown drill coming up.

The scholastic book fair will be taking place at the same time as MWRA. Mrs.

Pearson and staff thank the PTO for the enrichment programs. There is another

one in March. One parent inquired about the 3rd

Plantation/Pioneer Village. Mrs. Grimes has not heard anything but will ask Mrs.


• Treasurer’s Report (Gillian Teixeira)

We started January off with $12,823. We had $652 in expenses, $688 in deposits

and ended up with $12,859. Our largest expenses were the donation to the

Mariana Fabiano park fundraiser and the calendar raffle printing costs. Our largest

deposit was $688.70 from the fall box tops. We are still waiting for Twist &

Shake invoice. As of 2/11 we had $1632 in expenses and no deposits. Our largest

expense was for math enrichment ($1625).

Jen Gorman – Applications for grants were submitted to the Winthrop Cultural

Council for enrichment support. We were awarded approximately $1600 in grants

relating to our enrichment programs for the 2014-2015 school year.

• Volunteer Update

Loop (Sarah Pettee): We need volunteers on Mondays & Wednesdays. The

coffee hour didn’t go very well – not many people showed up.

• Fundraiser Ideas (Christa Shea)

The calendar raffles went out. It cost $260 for 8000 tickets including stapling.

Maybe over vacation we can ask local businesses for a table for sales. Total cost

was about $2500 for printing and tablet. Post on Facebook to promote sales. People

don’t need to live around here to buy them – checks are mailed.

• Upcoming Events

Math Night (Kristen Buonopane) – Rescheduled to 3/26 due to weather.

Scholastic Book Fair (Kristen Buonopane) – Dawn Hurley wants to look into

extending scholastic dollars to all staff. We have approximately $7100 in

scholastic dollars and will make more at the book fair.

Community Reader Day (Mariana Babine) – Thursday, March 5

Literacy Night (Christa Shea) – Literacy night with Jan Brett is Friday, March

6. It will be set up differently this year. Pre-K, K and 1st

cafeteria and grades 2 and 3 will be in the gym. The room is capped instead of by

grade. We will have 2 different colors based on the room. Centers will be geared

 grade field trip to Plymouth

 grade will be in the

towards grade. We will need volunteers.

Family Skate (Christa Shea) – Scheduled for 3/8 from 1-3. Kids need their own

skates and helmet. $3 per skater. Sandra keeps track of the concession sales and

we get a percentage. Scooters will be available. No hockey equipment allowed.

A few raffles will be held.

Someone Special Dance (Lauren Capasso) – No updates from Doreen in

regards to the dance. Dj is the only thing that has been secured.

MCAS Breakfast (Kristen Buonopane) – PTO will have a breakfast for third

grades the morning of 3/31 and 4/1 dates. Planning is in progress.

• Affiliate Programs (Christa Shea)

Keep clipping box tops. Register your target card. Once registered, you don’t

have to do it annually.

Schoola – you can request a bag for your gently used clothes and we get a


• Open Forum 

Sarah Pettee asked Mrs. Grimes about how teachers are describing the lockdown

drills to students without just saying it’s “bad weather” related. Mrs. Grimes

explained that the original discussion was that explaining what the lockdown’s

real meaning is could be too graphic for the younger grades.

Jim Fabiano – Thank you to PTO for donation. The town approved soft surface

for Kindergarten playground. Still waiting on a few other things. Parks

committee is doing a spring fundraiser and is donating profits to the playground.

No updates on the fence. The last meeting was canceled.

Gillian Texeira spoke with someone on the school committee and she is listening

to parents’ concerns about the snow and bus stops. She will address these items at

the meeting tonight. We need to start sending letters/emails to the town to make

them aware of these concerns. Be sure to cc P. Gill and J. McKenna.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gorman Fort Banks PTO
Calendar Raffle Fundraiser

Help your classroom and be entered to win a tablet!

Dear Gorman Fort Banks Families:

The Gorman Fort Banks PTO is excited to announce this year’s Calendar Raffle Fundraiser! For our third year, we are running a Calendar Raffle as a fundraiser for the Classroom Grant Fund for our school, and the month of March could be your lucky month!  With your participation, we are hoping to make this our most successful fundraiser this school year!

31 Chances to Win and $2000 in Cash Prizes!
For only $10 per calendar, you can be entered to win daily cash prizes ranging from $25 up to $250 throughout the month of March.  All winners are put back into the raffle drum for the next day's drawing, so you can win multiple times with one calendar.  The more calendars you buy, the better your chances to win.

Entering the Calendar Raffle is Easy...

Attached to this letter you will find 10 calendars.  Simply buy or sell each calendar for $10, fill out the top portion completely and return it with your payment in a sealed envelope (cash or check payable to the GFB PTO) by February 25th.  All entries received with payment will be included in the Calendar Raffle drawings.

Mrs. Pearson will draw the winners each morning throughout the month of March.  Winners will be posted daily on our Facebook page, weekly on the GFB PTO website ( and Twitter.  Prizes will be sent directly to each winner at the address provided on the winning ticket.

We hope you will find this to be a fun and exciting fundraiser.  Please remember that all proceeds raised will directly support the Classroom Grant Fund which will help our teachers purchase special materials to enrich your child’s educational experience. If you are unable to sell any of the provided calendars, please return them to the school in your child’s backpack.

Special Prize Drawing for Top Sellers...

Any student who sells 5 by February 25th will be entered into a separate drawing.  Sell 10 and receive two chances (and so on).  One lucky winner will receive a tablet.  Please be sure your child’s name is written on the “Sold By” line on any return tickets so they will get credit for the sale.