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Monday, December 1, 2014

Gorman Fort Banks PTO 
Family Movie Night

Friday, December 12th, 2014
Gorman Fort Banks School gym
Doors will open at 6:00 pm
Movie will start promptly at 6:30 pm
$4 per person includes popcorn and water

All children must be accompanied by an adult
Pre-registration is required for each person in your party
Registration ends December 5th
No outside food or drinks will be permitted
Please email with questions or if you would like to help

Great News!

The Meadow Farms fundraising items will be delivered to the school on Tuesday, December 2nd.  You may pick up your orders on Wednesday, December 3rd, between 5 and 7 pm in the school gym.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gorman Fort Banks PTO
Meeting Agenda for November 12, 2014

● Welcome

  • Introduction of Board
  • Co Presidents Kristen Buonopane and Christa Shea
  • Co Vice Presidents Mariana Babine and Jennifer Gorman
  • Co Secretaries Lauren Capasso and Crystal DeMayo
  • Co Treasurers Reena Cash and Gillian Teixeira
  • According to our PTO Handbook: If any member of the PTO would like to have an item addedto the agenda, they can submit a written request to the secretary at least seven (7) days before a meeting.

● Principal’s Report (Mrs. Pearson)

● Treasurer Report (Gillian Teixeira)

  •  Summary Report of Disbursements and Balance

● Volunteer Update (Mariana Babine)

  • Loop (Sarah Pettee/Reena Cash)
  • School Volunteer help please contact Mariana at

● Room Parent Update (Kristen Buonopane)

  • Teacher Gifts

● Meadow Farms Fundraiser (Christa Shea)

  • Update on salea
  •  Delivery

● Affiliate programs (Doreen Araujo)

  • Box Tops
  • Labels for Education
  • Target
  • Stop & Shop A+ Rewards

● Event review

  • Spooky Bingo (Gillian Teixeira)
  • Paint Nite (Christa Shea)

● Upcoming Events (Kristen Buonopane)

  • Movie Night
  • Someone Special Dance (Doreen Araujo)
  • Math Nite­ vote on budget

● Recess

  • vote for budget for recess toys
  • vote for $100 budget for baby wipes

● Playground
● Fundraising
● Open Forum

Monday, October 20, 2014

Get your PaintNite tickets!!

GFB PTO Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2014

* Email the PTO 7 days prior if you want something added to the agenda.

• Principal’s Report (Mrs. Grimes)

  • We need loop volunteers and substitutes. 
  • We also need to address the benches because we need room in the shed for winter equipment.
  • There is no room for another mural. In addition, the kids haven’t received their certificates or art work.
  • Halloween will be addressed to the faculty. It’s a half day and there have been no firm decisions on costumes, etc.
• Treasurer’s Report (Gillian Teixeira)

  • No new updates. We prepaid $1089.50 for t-shirtss
  • $8580.76 in general funds 
  • We sold $1054 worth of shirts and still have some new orders coming in. We should break even.

• Volunteer Update

  • Loop ( Sarah Pettee): Reena will take over. We need volunteers from approximately 7:30-8:00. Please spread the word! Email or sign up sheet.
  • School volunteers (Mariana Babine): If a teacher is being pulled out for a meeting we need volunteers – contact Mariana to sign up and she will post a meeting schedule. Sometimes she can post teacher’s names if you choose to volunteer for your child’s classroom.

• Room Parents (Kristen Buonopane)

  • 2 classes have not had volunteers. All selected room parents have received an email and paper notification. If you are a room parent, please contact your teacher ASAP about Halloween. If you weren’t picked you can still volunteer in the classroom.

• Walk to school day (Gillian Teixeira)

  • We need someone to take over the event (2x a year). There are 3 schools participating so it’s growing. Email GFB PTO if you’re interested in coordinating.

• Affiliate Programs (Christa Shea)

  • Box Tops - Doreen Araujo will take over box tops and will meet with Tatiana. 
  • Target - take your checkbook to customer service and you can get a Target debit card and still receive 5% off. Go online and you can select your school.

• Meadow Farms Fundraiser (Christa Shea)

  • Gillian received her order in less than a week. The company will send itemized lists for each child for the raffle. The asterisk means it’s the automatic prize sent if a gift isn’t chosen. If you purchase online you can have items shipped to your home or to the student. Emails are sent to student/parent that shows item purchased and the amount spent.

• In-school Enrichment Activities (Kristen Buonopane)

  • We will have 5 this year (3 in the fall and 2 in the spring). 
  • All programs have been booked except for February. Math night is Feb so we are considering a math month with a math enrichment. Mad About Math costs $1625 which exceeds the $1500 limit so we need to vote. APPROVED!

• Upcoming Events

  • Spooky Bingo (Gillian Teixeira) The flyer went out. We only have 200 tickets for both adults and children. We are sending an email confirmation to those who register. No tickets will be sold at the door. We sell out fast so send them back ASAP. If a child is over age 1, count them as a child.
  • Adult Paint Night (Christa Shea) This year registration is online only. We will receive $20 from each ticket. We are looking for donations for paint night and spooky bingo. Email Christa for paint and Gillian for bingo. 
  • We are looking into a letter for tax purposes.

• Email Communication (Gillian Teixeira)

  • We are working on email communication including a link to enter child info and email to be added to the volunteer list or general list so that event info can go out. The confirmation may go to another folder (spam or promotions). Check our blog and like us on Facebook.

• Summer Reading (Christa Shea)

  • The ice cream coupons are going out next week. 200 kids participated. We got 2 $20 gift certificates for bingo and paint night. This is Christa’s last year so someone needs to take over.

• School Dance (Doreen Araujo)

  • Doreen will research and have a committee. Looking at DJ, light food, pizza and water? Can our gym support this? Would it be allowed here? We are thinking after the holidays (January)? Doreen will bring some info to the next meeting.

• Playground Update (Kristen Buonopane)

  • 4 benches were made for the playground but after delivery we saw some safety issues. Kids can climb over or beneath them and get trapped. Donate them!

• School Book Fair (Dawn Hurley)

  • This was the largest selling event to date. Scholastic received $6443.28. We will repeat in March and June (BOGO). 60% profit margin. Also, the library is opening and we need volunteers Monday through Friday. A notice will go out next week.

• Mural (Kristen Buonpane)

  • Certificates for the mural were not the responsibility of the PTO. Cara Huberman was responsible and will be contacted.

• Open Forum

Sign up for Shoparoo. It’s easy to do! PTO may send out a flyer that bullets everything (Amazon orders, etc).